Finding a successful path together is and remains our goal. We attach much importance to promoting the career paths and interests of our players. Thus, a permanent face-to-face contact to each individual player is important.

We plan with him his sports career and play a consulting role in the fields of school education, professional training and professional development and assist him with our social and economic networks.

We plan with him his sports career and play a consulting role in the fields of school education, professional training and professional development and assist him with our social and economic networks.

Athlete Consulting designs a concept customized to the capabilities and interests of the individual player. The close relationship to the players as well as the permanent exchange create a unique basis of trust.

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We procure and negotiate employment and endorsement contracts in all leagues, as a matter of course also outside Germany, and put special emphasize on the support of new talents.

Hence, we help each player to find the most suitable club.

Based on a constant accessibility and availability for the players as well as the clubs we can obtain a comprehensive picture at the local club already in advance.


Because mental problems influence the physical performance, we offer a mental coaching for all our players. Stress of competition and performance pressure as well as nervousness and a lack of self-confidence and even fears of failure do provably prevent the realisation of highest performance.

Mental coaching is an already-proven way to tackle those negative factors. By this means each player is intended to be enabled to realize his full performance as well while training a during the competition.


We care deeply about the physical fitness, health and performance of our players. Those components can be influenced by specific improvement of nutrition.

A demand-oriented energy input, a stress appropriate distribution and rate of meals as well as enough intake of qualitative fluids are elementary. We will explain simply tailored basic rules of a good nutrition before, during and after the performance.

Our players will get to know how special food products affect their individual service performance. We help them to create their individual diet plan.


Not only the sports career is in our interests. A second pillar is essential nowadays. Our personal and individual attention will point out ways for the time after the career, because in the sports sector a professional career cannot be guaranteed.

Regarding that fact we have started a cooperation with an International University. By this means our players are provided with the opportunity to start studying during their sports career und to complete their studies with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

This way we can ensure that the player is able to get a professional qualification in coordination with sports.

Off-ice Athlete Consulting represent reliable consulting and long-term partnership.

Secure retirement planning and appropriate insurances are essential subjects we show   trustworthy and scrupulous interest in.

But also, in contract and sports law our lawyer will lend advisory support to our athletes.

It is therefore even important to make provisions for the time after professional sport while having the active sports career.




After a rather unusual career, from linguistic studies to management in an international corporation, I have been working part-time for several years now, advising and placing young talents on and off the ice.
I have always been connected with ice hockey and have decided to work with young athletes in their career planning. The joint development to tackle the challenges of professional sports as well as the individual goals of my athletes are always in the centre of attention.

The approach and individuality, which is tailored to each individual player, enables not only our young talents but also established professionals to start the new season in a success- oriented and self-confident manner.
The constant and personal contact is therefore especially close to my heart. I approach the systematic career planning of my players with great passion, ambition and the necessary negotiating skills.


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